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Increase your sales and conversions by having a mobile-ready site!

Increase your sales and conversions by having a mobile-ready site!


Having a website for your company or organization is becoming an essential strategy for business growth. Specially during times like this when the whole world is going digital rapidly, it’s a no brainer to hop on – the faster the better. However, there’s also a very important part to this that you need to keep in mind! Your website needs to be mobile-friendly too!

Do you know that over 48% of Google searches are being done on mobile? If you are not catering to the mobile users, it means you are cutting a great portion of your business’s success. In order to reach out to the customers who use mobile phones to browse your site, it’s a given that you need to be mobile-ready and look cool doing it! Here’s what you need to know!

A responsive website adjusts to all kind of devices

Responsiveness is simply the technology which allows your website to be coded to adjust automatically to all screens regardless of size, device, platform or orientation, the website has been opened. When the user views the website from the laptop initially, and then switch to the phone, the website should have the capability of responding to the user’s preference by automatically switching all the content of the web page to accommodate for the resolution of the mobile phone. By scripting your website to be responsive, you can eliminate the need to change the design of your website whenever a new device or a gadget is launched on the market.

Keep your audience on your site for longer

Think of a situation where a potential customer found your website and pins it down to read more about your products or services later; or simply messages the URL to another person. When this customer opens up your webpage on his or her mobile while travelling on the bus, and has to do a lot of pinching and zooming to browse the webpage, the odds are pretty rare that the customer will keep reading or let alone return to your site again.

Having a layout that’s easy to read and navigate using a single thumb, keeping your messages clear and eliminating any of the distracting elements that look confusing in a mobile view helps them to skim through and get the details faster and easily – ultimately leading to more conversions.

Build once, worry never!

Some organizations get the main website developed for desktop devices and a separate site solely for mobile devices. The advantage of having a responsive website is, you will not have to invest in 2 different websites but invest on one site which will run on any kind of device, platform or orientation.

Additionally, modern technology allows you to turn off certain aspects like background videos which are cool on larger screens, but do not always deliver the precise message on mobile.

Devices with new screens and resolutions keep popping up every day. Mobiles range from smaller screens to large phablets today and have different resolutions and aspect ratios. Phones fold again for crying out loud! If your site had to be custom catered, it’ll have to have a version for all these scenarios, which would be a disaster! This problem is solved by a responsive website as the tech automatically to every new device without you doing anything.

BONUS: Google Prefers Responsive Sites

Google recommends making your website responsive because this feature solves various issues pertaining to duplicate content. So there is a chance that Google will recommend your responsive website over the other sites which aren’t responsive while ranking on its search engine. Mobile-friendliness is a key factor in the algorithm used for Google Ads too.

Going mobile is easy. A lot of people confuse users by adding additional effort and cost for converting their sites to be mobile friendly always. While this is true for a wide range of cases, most often you can use a few fundamental steps to make sure your site is ready to go on any platform or screen for no added cost or no added time! 

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