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Birthday Party Event Sounds Systems Sri Lanka We at Team EYERIS are sure to be an asset to anyone who is planning on organizing an event of any scale. We hope to tend to you both in terms of management and also provide family like recommendations and take ownership for the support services.

We at EYERIS being the holistic service provider that we are, are probably the only agency in Sri Lanka to be able to offer you in house teams of Photographers, Videographers, Event Managers and even Sounds Technicians for your event. Never are you going to have to worry about your wedding, party, talent show, competition or any event going haywire. Let EYERIS take over the work so you can live and enjoy the moment!

Quick Q&A

The scale of the event only depends on the client end. Our team comprises of professionals who have learned event planning and execution like the palm of their hand through experience. They have handled events from national to international levels and have been involved in the management of events, talent shows, fashion shows, charity runs, concerts, weddings and parties.
Depending on your event and requirement we can organize everything from coverage to execution. Our in house team can provide services related to promotion of the event and also event coverage within Sri Lanka. We also have in house sound equipment that can be provided for PA facilities. We could organize other Sound, Lighting, Decor and whatever required sub services based on your requirement.
EYERIS is liable for the smooth flow of the proceedings that are discussed with the client. If at an instance the client requires a specific program which can not be guaranteed by practical grounds the ground team would provide alternative recommendations. If the said program is carried forward, EYERIS would not be taking responsibility for that particular action. A contract would be drafted and agreed to with the client about the liability before the event.
The cost per event would vary on the magnitude, duration and effort that is required for the event. The human resource required and the logistic support would obviously be dependent on the scale of it. But opting for one of our packages and selecting our other services provided as add ons such as coverage and promotion would result in significant discounts for the client. This is the beauty of having a pioneer multi faceted organization in Sri Lanka.


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