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Logo & Graphic Design Sri Lanka EYERIS Creations has a passion for quality and outstanding graphics. We believe in maintaining consistency across jobs for a certain client to ensure that they receive the best visual outlook possible. We have researched and found out about subject materials such as trends, trend forecasting, eye and aesthetic dynamics to ensure that all our new graphics are appealing and catchy. We use hand drawn or standard high resolution graphics and work with vectors 99% of the time to ensure that scalability is a breeze.

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Just about anything. You name it and we'll make it for you. Our team specializes in the bleeding edge graphic design software that work in sync to ensure reduced lead times. We can assist you in creatively designed graphics related to absolutely anything you require. We also provide you with guidelines related to the graphics, with colour codes, transparency and other required information so that you could make sure things are consistent everytime.
Our costing is tailor made for each Job based on a standard price chart. This ensures that the client receives the best return for their investment. Graphic Design varies on each job based on many factors therefore we don't want to charge our customers out of this world rates for simple jobs. Returning customers are also additionally treated to amazing discounts!
We believe in perfecting your requirements. Graphic Design is vastly affected by the perspective of the client and the designer. Our team with their vast experience is able to elicit the requirements of the client precisely and provide designs and also alternatives based on the taste of the client. We only begin our work once an initial perception is obtained. Therefore changes under those concepts would not be time consuming. Redesign of ideas and changes entirely would result in scheduling as multiple jobs unfortunately.
We've got you covered. Based on your geographic location we would provide you with a list of standard sizes on the Graphics you require. We would also advise you on sizes which would reduce your cost for print and are suitable for online promotions too. All our artwork will be provided at the optimum resolution based on the use case.
Printable and Editable Graphics will be released once the final payment is made. Graphics will be provided in their original format and PDFs to be easily handled.
EYERIS can also provide printing services. We have outsourced partners that believe in the same quality of products as we do that would ensure that any of your requirements can be handled. Customers in Sri Lanka are at a privilege at this as International Customers will have to bear the cost of shipping and postage.


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