Wedding Event Product Photography Sri Lanka We understand the value of moments. Those breathtaking firsts, those happiness filled tears, those cheery victories and joyful bonds are never going to be lost again. EYERIS Creations has a varied team of photographers that are professionals in Wedding Photography, Model Shoots, Product Shoots, Documentary and Lifestyle journalism and all sorts of coverage. We ensure that our lenses are there ready to capture your moments.

Photography is also one of our most linked services to the others as you never have to look another way again to source content and images for your graphics and webs since we would capture all these as required internally to save you the hassle.

Quick Q&A

Our philosophy at EYERIS is not what we CAN cover, but what the client needs covered. EYERIS can provide you with photography for weddings, events, corporate requirements and also for things such as product shoots, content creation for graphic designs, catalogue shoots, documentary and journalism shoots and even abstract photography. We prefer being able to source our own content for graphic design jobs and photography is a stepping stone in designing.
Photography is not possible by just about anyone that has the ability and a professional camera. They need to understand and make sure they explain their subject to the camera. Our rates, again vary based on the job. We have a standard hourly rate per photographer policy and this includes a few complimentary photos. The final cost would be an addition of the photographer's expenses and the number of final photographs.
The Photographer holds the rights to his photographs. But the client will be provided with unfiltered footage after the standard colour balancing is done. If you require some additional elements designed, edited or placed on it our Graphics team can do that for you too! Wedding Albums will be provided in soft and hard format after confirmation with the client.
We offer standard packages to couples. Our highly talented team consists of professional photographers who have a vast portfolio in wedding photography. Our graphics and video team complement the expertise of these teams and they make sure they work in sync to deliver the best moments to the client at all times. All the way from Pre Shoots to editing can be covered by EYERIS!


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