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We at EYERIS are all about the ease of operations for the customer. We operate in a fast, reliable, planned out method that makes sure that the customer receives the best possible value for their investment. We ensure that business promotion is not a process that is challenging and make sure that our services are available to clients in and out of Sri Lanka in the highest quality possible. Business Promotion Sri Lanka

EYERIS is not the typical media company that provides simple one stand jobs. We believe in customer engagement and ensure that we deliver products of home grown standards to the client. EYERIS focuses on the place you are and analyzes the viability of where you want to be and helps you get there. We'd also assist in analytics to check the viability of your investment and make sure there is an increment in your results.


We ensure that websites are developed in the highest quality standards maintaining tomorrow's design trends. This Business Promotion tool is meant to deliver you with better visibility in the context you operate in. We also provide SEO and Google Analytics Incorporation to ensure that the website reaches its mark. All sites are responsive and are tested for errors and consistency before delivery.


All graphic designs are created using bleeding edge software and well experienced artists who take their corporate branding task very seriously. We understand how important your image is to you and we wish to maintain and respect it the same way. All graphics are created in Vector format to ensure that the medium it is published in, whether it be digital or hard copies, the quality of the product is perfect and sharp. Graphics also follow the latest design trends and our designers will ensure that the best output for all your required graphics are delivered and your business would be promoted and foreseen as an outstanding competitor.


Whether it be an event that requires an aftermovie or a lifestyle or corporate documentary, we've got you covered. We ensure that artistic and creative videos are provided based on the initial scripting requirements of the user. We also assist in feature interviewing and script creation as we have qualified professionals in the theatre industry in our team. All videos are of supreme quality and sharpness and are filmed by professionals who respect the subject that they are shooting to ensure that your business is respected throughout the process. We also provide infographics and motion graphics to make sure your corporate identity will never be perceived in the same way again and all your promotions would be more appealing.


With the sheer experience of the team in event, project and customer management, they've specialized in managing events of any kind and scale and therefore they are well versed in handling any type of events. With our in house team of photographers, videographers, sound and light technicians and project managers, we are sure to deliver the best possible outcome regardless of the genre of your event whether it be business or personal. Our team would handle every aspect from promotion to execution and make sure that we create an event that would create a major buzz in Sri Lanka.


Whether it be from your precious moments to your business product suite, we specialize in capturing every aspect of it. Our in-house team of photographers would ensure that your business or event is captured in its vivid detail as it occurs. We provide live event coverage and photo albums. We believe that each photograph tells a story and our skilled content writers are willing to add luscious descriptions to these images. Our photography service is closely linked with all other services as we do content sourcing for websites and graphics too. This is just another aspect of how much life would be easier with EYERIS!


For the avid marketeer who wants to stand out, we have a SWAT team of designers ready for Special Projects. We can provide customized marketing solutions with these teams such as Interior Designing, Wall Art and Graffiti Walls to ensure that we are there to assist those who want to go the extra mile to really stand out!

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